Hey folks!
After almost five months of crafting our campaign, plotting our schemes, and organizing the production, we’ve finally pushed the big green button and launched our Kickstarter campaign!!

Crowdfunding is always a massive undertaking but almost a necessity in the landscape of indie-art nowadays. Thankfully, I’ve had a great team to help me throughout this process. Together we’ve come up with some awesome rewards and I really wish I could be a backer of this project – humble and objective, right? In all seriousness, “Box Art” is a subject I’ve loved for a long time without really know a lot about it and this documentary represents a chance to make something really special. Our base goal lets us make a 90-minute documentary, but if we hit all our stretch goals, this could be a FIVE DISC SET!!! Let’s talk about THAT for a moment…

Along with crowdfunding being an integral part of the indie-dev process, making a simple and digestible product also seems to be the norm, and sometimes for good reason. I completely understand why distributors prefer to have a product, or a film in this case that’s approximately 90-minutes long, and there are a lot of great reasons for that — but some topics just need more attention than 90-minutes could ever cover. So, it’s with high expectations that I hope we hit $50,000 so we can make something more episodic, more considerate, and generally, more in depth. That’s what this topic and these people deserve.

I’ll be posting more frequently now that we’re live and look forward to chatting with the community as we push to make this happen.

Game on,

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