Having made a handful of documentaries in the past, it’s never easy to corral folks, information, and form a cohesive unit. Fifteen years ago, I learned a very important adage for the film industry: it’s okay if things are easy, and if it is easy, that’s a sign of success around the corner. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting when it came to assembling this team and how our work has progressed over the last six months as we prep this juggernaut. Some folks I pulled from previous projects, and other folks sought us out but everything points to one heck of an amazing collaboration.

Here’s who’s involved behind the scenes:


Rob McCallum writer director-min
Rob McCallum (Writer/Director/Editor):
Rob McCallum is an award-winning filmmaker, documenting subjects like video games, heavy metal, fanboy fanatics, and more. His work has garnered press attention from NBC, CBS, CBC Radio•One, CTV, WIRED, /Film and Destructoid. Known for out-of-the-box thinking and fierce determination, McCallum has raised over $100,000 via various crowdfunding campaigns and contributes his opinions to various online blogs and sites. His obsession with all things Jim Henson is hard to understand but most people forgive him for his deep love of Masters of the Universe and Ducktales.


Associate Producer
Sara Ventura (Producer):

Sara “Svenna” Ventura Sara is a PR/Journalist hybrid from New York now living in Seattle. She’s been a gamer since before she could read, asking her dad to read the text aloud while she pressed buttons on the controller. Her game journalism work has been featured in a variety of outlets such as USgamer, GameSkinny, Playboy, and GrubHub. She currently is a producer for Xbox Live, lead marketer for the game Keeper and the Soldier, and writer for the supernatural comic: [SOUL TICKER]. Her favorite game is Suikoden.


Patrick Scott Patterson Producer
Patrick Scott Patterson (Producer):
Gaming since 1981, Patrick Scott Patterson has appeared in a variety of video game films such as World 1-1 and Nintendo Quest, live events such as San Diego Comic-Con and South By Southwest and a variety of television, radio and print media as a go-to expert on video game culture and history.


Tim Lapetino
Tim Lapetino (Producer):

Tim Lapetino is a Creative Director, writer, and strategist. He is both maker and researcher, focusing on the intersection of design and popular culture. For nearly 20 years he has helped brands large and small tell compelling stories through design and marketing. He previously co-founded the design firm Hexanine, and is now Executive Director of the Museum of Video Game Art (MOVA). In addition to teaching design and branding, Tim has also co-authored and curated other books on video games, design inspiration, and art. He is currently working on a book that chronicles the art and design of Atari. He resides in Chicago with his wife and two kids.


Nichole Ghougasian Producer
Nichole Ghougasian (Producer):
Corpse Bride connoisseur and Nightmare Before Christmas mega fan, Nichole is co-owner of Retro City Games in Henderson, Nevada. Sporting a crazy collection of Resident Evil merchandise Nichole’s eager to jump into the world of Box Art and discover the untold stories of gaming history.

Doug Haughaboo Producer
Douglas Haughaboo (Producer):
A life long gamer and game collector, Doug opened Retro City Games in Nevada in 2014 with Ninja samurai soul mate, Nichole, and has amassed a strong community of supporters that share a love for all games, all eras, and all consoles.


Glenn Producer-min
Glenn Stanway (Producer):
Glenn Stanway: A lifelong gamer who spent his formative years as part of the original “Nintendo generation”, Glenn Stanway is the producer/editor of “GamerCast with Jay, Rob, and Glenn”. The weekly podcast examines video game culture and assorted topics related to the documentary “Nintendo Quest”, in which he also appears. Stanway is also a producer at game developer Tiny Titan Studios, where his numerous duties include managing content releases for their hit mobile title, “Dash Quest.”


Jay Headshot
Jay Bartlett (Producer):

Jay has been an avid gamer and game collector for over 30 years and stars in the documentary, “Nintendo Quest.” Jay has also appeared on panels at Con Bravo and Anime North discussing collecting and the on-going evolution of the video game industry. In his spare time, he acts as co-host on the bi-weekly podcasts,  “Gamercast” his star wars themed show, “A Galaxy Far, Far Away.”


Dan Maresca (Producer):

Dan Maresca is a long time collector and fan of classic video game ephemera including the box art itself.   For the past nine years, he has spent a completely unhealthy amount of his free time researching the artists behind the box images.     It’s a research project which he’s passionate about and has led to him forming friendships with some of the artists behind our favorite images.    He is also working on a book which will dive into more detail on the artists and the images involved.   Dan also moderates discussion on classic games and related collectibles at


Xavier Van Den Nouwland Motion Graphics
Xavier Van Den Nouwland (Motion Graphics/VFX)
Xavier is a Motion Designer/Animator/Director and podcaster of many niche hobbies. He usually animates SNES sprites and 80’s pop culture for many web series if he’s not found stuck in a Game Book like Fighting Fantasy which completely obese with, to the point that he has a Podcast that just talks about them!


John McCarthy Supervising Sound Mixer
John McCarthy (Supervising Sound Editor):
John McCarthy is a sound artist who works on video games and films. He works at HB Studios by day and from his home studio at night in Nova Scotia, Canada. Most recently, he composed the original score and did the sound mix for, “Nintendo Quest” and was the Senior Audio Designer / Composer / Commentator for HB Studios’ indie golf sim, “The Golf Club.”


imoto biopic
Imoto Harney (Camera Op):
Imoto has worked over the past decade in the medium of video and photography. Immersing herself in the ever-changing world of digital acquisition, she’s mastered the art of capturing the moment. As the owner of multimedia production company, Captain Crazy Productions, Inc., she’s become an avid gamer and adventurer, and likes to help create stories that are thought provoking and boundary-pushing usually while traveling across the country promoting video arcade culture, or on a hiking adventure with her dog Mookie.


Sarah Mulholland
Sarah Mulholland (Camera Op):

Sarah’s been working in the film industry for the last 15 years, mainly within the Camera Department on such productions as “Kick Ass,” “Scott Pilgrim,” “The Thing,” “The Listener,” “Flashpoint” and more. She’s also helped produced, “Missing Mom” and has a number of projects in development including her children Kalan, Jackson, and Charlotte.


Ryan Daniszewski headshot small
Ryan Daniszewski (Camera Op):
Ryan Daniszewski is a videographer based in Ontario, Canada. He is a graduate of Fanshawe College, where he received a certificate in Advanced Filmmaking and a degree in General Arts & Science with a Major in Film Studies. While attending Fanshawe, he also received the award for Best Film at the 2012 AFM Film Festival for his documentary short Proxy Fight. Ryan has since worked on various documentary and feature films including Tapped Out (2014), Kingdom Come (2014), and Missing Mom (2016).

Rolando Castellano
Rolando Castellano (Production Assistant):
Rolando is an IT professional from Las Vegas, NV with a passion for all things N64. The nostalgia and love for the console pushed his casual collecting to new heights and has gone from having a few favorite games to nearly a complete collection, game-related art, toys, and promotional items. He is also the co-host of the web series, “SeekFindPlay.”


Melissa Castellano (Production Assistant):
Self-proclaimed, “gamer girl,” and fan of all things Princess Peach, Melissa has a love affair with retro platformers and puzzle/strategy games, as well as collecting video game art, toys, and memorabilia. “Box Art” is her first production gig but she couldn’t imagine a better subject to explore though she’s concerned about the increased amount of collectibles she’ll acquire by the end of production.

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